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Halloween ware mask Support Hong Kong protest


Sunday, 10/27 2pm / 周日10月27號下午兩點

西湖公園 / West Lake Park West Lake Park: 401 pine street

Urgent Request!  / 緊急請求!(English First, 中文在英文之後)

Dear Friends, please call all Congressmen prior 10/10/19 full house vote for H.R.3289 – Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act of 2019  https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/3289

We urge you to support Hong Kong freedom.  Please ask all congressmen and women to vote YES on this important bill to support Hong Kong freedom! The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime and it’s beneficiaries have been working hard to NOT let this bill pass! Please CALL ALL MEMBERS NOW https://www.house.gov/representatives !

 我們請求大家務必在10/10/2019 之前完成打電話到以下所有國會議員https://www.house.gov/representatives 要求他們投贊成票,支持2019 香港人權與民主H.R. 3289 https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/house-bill/3289 法案。本法案很可能在十月十日前後在眾院投票表決。中共及其既得利益者、大財團極力阻止!我們一定要使該法案通過,以支持香港🇭🇰自由民主,絕不能讓中共得逞!請大家一定抓緊時間,至少要打兩次電話:第一次問其是否贊成,如不贊成問為甚麼。如說考慮,就再打至少一兩次! 

若需翻譯請與我們聯繫! 我們將提供免費翻譯。多謝您的支持!

Please click here to get the phone numbers / 請點擊下面連結的電話號碼:


Please contact us at the following / 請聯繫我們

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance


Federation for a Democratic China


ChinaHumanRightsAlliance@gmail.com #SeattleFDC  (425) 535-8869

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