Candlelight is not extinguished, conscience persists

The 8964 incident is not a case, not a case decided by the court. Of course, there is no redress. June 4th was a premeditated massacre, ordered by the then Chairman of the Central Military Commission Deng Xiaoping, the People’s Liberation Army Army to carry out the unscrupulous Beijing and the students and Beijing residents across the country to commit the cruel crimes of the most brutal fascist massacre. The bloody incidents of the CCP’s rogue group, which was led by Deng Xiaoping, against the violent suppression of civilians by the Chinese people, were inhuman and shocking to the world. This is a crime against humanity.


Some netizens have put forward the lessons of the June 4th. I feel very urgent. June 4th is a tragic ending. Why is it happening? What does the blood lesson tell us? The rogue tyranny will not be summed up, and the lie will be forgotten. However, from the perspective of the 89th National Games, there are indeed many lessons to be learned in the June Fourth Movement. After 27 years have passed, participants should leave memories. I am not at the scene, but can only summarize based on the information and information. I hope that the people of democracy and democracy at home and abroad will summarize the discussion together. In order to provide some reference for the future democracy movement in China.

  1. Lack of sufficient understanding of the tyrannical nature of the CCP Group, with too many illusions of peaceful transformation


The price paid by the 89th generation was very heavy. The college students announced the hunger strike on May 13th in Tiananmen Square. This hunger strike lasted until the evening of June 3, which just gave the SS to transport weapons and bullets to the people. Opportunities for the City Hall. Of course, the students were very young at that time, they didn’t know the dangers of politics, and they didn’t know how the actions of justice went. The intellectual community that supported the hunger strike did not anticipate the seriousness and difficulties of the situation, and did not even think about the extent of the CCP’s dictatorship and tyranny. People think that the government will make concessions and think of the Communist Party government very well, thinking that China has been democratized since then. Everyone has too many unrealistic illusions.


After the release of the speech of 5.19 Zhao Ziyang, everyone also had illusions about Zhao Ziyang and his government. In fact, Li Peng and Deng Xiaoping behind him had already emptied Zhao Ziyang, and finally forced Zhao Ziyang to step down. Zhao Ziyang was on May 19 After arriving at Tiananmen Square and speaking to the students, they were placed under house arrest. Since then, Zhao Ziyang has not even had basic human rights. He was all monitored until his death. After 11 years of death, he would not be buried. This is the devil’s essence of the Communist Party’s evil: even if it is a person who once lived in the high office of the General Secretary, there is no humanity to talk about, let alone the life of ordinary college students and citizens.


This evil devil follows the rogue logic: support me, give you a way to live; against me, die without a place to die. June 23-24, 1989, the Fourth Plenary Session of the 13th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, “Report on Comrade Zhao Ziyang’s Mistakes in the Anti-Party and Anti-Socialist Unrest”, the conclusion of Zhao Ziyang is: “Splinter Party, support Unrest. This conclusion is very ridiculous: First of all, the party’s general secretary splits the party, which is the logic that people will not believe. Second, who made the turmoil? It was Deng Xiaoping and Li Peng who implemented the “bitter plan” and sent 6000 soldiers to change the clothes of the people, smashed and robbed them, and blamed the students for making excuses. Zhao Ziyang had refuted at that time and never accepted this conclusion. He would have no place to die after 11 years of death. From Zhao Ziyang’s deprived power and the place where he had no burial after 11 years of death, he can see the barbarism of the CCP group.


The Chinese political movement is cruel. The party’s capitalization is Shanggaihe. It is impossible to see the atheists, materialists, authoritarians, and money-only theorists who have no religious beliefs, who are ruthless, who have no bottom line and who are murderous. In essence, then, the next time the Chinese National Games comes, the unarmed so-called non-violent non-cooperative movements on the streets will be suppressed by force. This is a myriad of cases that have been suppressed by the armed police and special police in the past 27 years, and the lessons of the lives of hundreds of thousands of people at the bottom of the population have been exchanged.


In the 89 years of the failure of the democracy movement, self-injury and hunger strike did not exchange sympathy, nor did it exchange for democracy. In exchange for the ruthless suppression of the tyrannical authorities, the blood flowed into the river, in exchange for prohibiting commemoration, prohibiting gatherings, prohibiting voices; not letting memories, not Let the memory, not to remember; from January to June 4, it will limit travel, send people to work, monitor the whereabouts; every year on June 4, employ tens of thousands of thousands of people on the Internet has reached more than 10 million monitoring, reporting, Delete posts, seals, seals, and nets; interviews, threats, intimidation; arbitrary arrest, detention, and sentencing; being missing, being traveled, being attacked by various methods of death. Since the beginning of 1989, police, armed police, special police, and public security have participated in the demolitions of houses and forced land acquisition. Countless times of suppression have caused deaths. Group incidents across the country have increased year by year, reaching more than 200,000 per year, but they have all been broken. The people can’t get basic human rights such as demonstrations, gatherings, and freedom of speech. The hundreds of thousands of Falun Gong practitioners across the country have been killed. They have embarked on the road of petitioners for the wrongful and wrongful cases and forced demolitions. There are hundreds of millions of people across the country. People, on the way to petition, were detained in black jails, intercepted, violently beaten and maimed, and tens of thousands of people killed.


Insufficient understanding of the CCP’s cruel nature is a natural defect of the 89th generation. I have listened more than once to the people of the 89th generation. Without the Communist Party, the world will be in chaos. Therefore, it is very important to say goodbye to the 89 student leaders and bid farewell to the 89th generation. Of course, there are still a few people still insisting in the 89th generation, including Wang Bingzhang, Guo Feixiong, Chen Yunfei and others in prison, re-identifying the nature of the June 4th and establishing a new concept for the future Chinese National Movement to restart the revolution!


  1. Should the future of the June 4th issue be liquidated or rehabilitated?


This year’s June 4th is the 27th anniversary of the 89th Democratic Movement. Looking back at the history of the same age or peers, I am filled with emotion. We are very sorry, sorry for the heroic martyrs who sacrificed their blood. Their blood is in exchange for the more brutal rule and suppression of the tyranny of the tyranny. The human life phenomenon has been intensified since 1989, and lies and violence are still rampant in the information age.


However, on the 27th anniversary of the murder of the June 4th Martyrs, there were people calling for “redressing the June 4th Movement.” I really feel sad for these so-called pro-democracy activists, and saddened by the same age who gave young lives. The slogan of “Retiring the June 4th” shouted for 27 years, and there was no sign of “redress”. Every time it hits the sensitive day of June 4th, Beijing and all parts of the country are very nervous. Many people in Beijing will be sent by the tyrannical authorities to maintain stability, that is, at home. 2-4 people are employed, they are on duty, and they are also trailing. It is not allowed to have any grievances and grievances on June 4th. It will not work on the Internet. Every six or four will be deleted, sealed, sealed, broken, and so on. Now in 2016, the civil resistance has entered a low tide: the people who went in have gone in, and they have become cautious when they go abroad to go abroad.


A few days ago, some netizens said: I went to the June 4th Memorial Hall in Hong Kong in the afternoon. There is a little regret! It was found that there was a picture with the words “Flat Sixty-four”, and the act of killing the unarmed students was undoubtedly too Nazi. Has Hitler slaughtered six million Jews to be rehabilitated? Progressive students are fulfilling their legitimate rights! Is it wrong? Therefore, we can only liquidate the executioners and finally accept the trial of the people!


What is the nature of redress? I checked the “Modern Chinese Dictionary” (5th edition). The meaning of the term “reform” is to correct the wrong case or the wrong political conclusion. The words: rehabilitate Zhao Xue, rehabilitate the case. The 8964 incident is not a case, not a case decided by the court. Of course, there is no redress. The political conclusions of the 8964 incident were “counter-revolutionary riots” and “8964 political turmoil”. Such conclusions seem to have never changed since the beginning. Haven’t changed the “reconciliation”? And I saw that the June 4th incident was a premeditated massacre. The then Chairman of the Central Military Commission Deng Xiaoping ordered that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) army enforced the unscrupulous Beijing and the students and Beijing residents across the country to carry out the most cruel fascist crimes. This is the bloody incident of the CCP’s violent suppression of civilians by the Chinese Communist Party led by Deng Xiaoping. It is inhuman and shocking to the world. This is a crime against humanity. This fact proves that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is the most evil fascist SS in the world! It is not the army of the people, nor the army of the country.


On the eve of June 4th, 2015, the White House archive published a document of 8964 of the Chinese Communist Party that showed that 8,726 people were killed in Tiananmen Square and 10,454 people were killed in Beijing. This data is more reliable data in 26 years. Tens of thousands of people were killed by the CCP bandits, and can they be “rehabilitated” by the CCP’s tyranny? It turns out that it is impossible! Some netizens said, “I hate to redress the word, like asking an hangman to admit that he is killing.” Another netizen said that tyranny is not qualified to “redress.”


In the past 27 years, the slogan of “reversing the June 4th” has not been interrupted. Is it too weak for us, or is the bandit too powerful? Maybe there are relations between these two aspects. For our generation of 89, I think it is still too weak to fall into ruin and death, but also beg for mercy: “When the Eighth and Kowloon Schools were in the same year, they asked the Chinese Communist Party authorities to improve the human rights of the three student leaders, including Guo Haifeng and Zhou Yongjun. For many years, he has been persecuted and jailed several times. Another student leader is unclear. According to the British BBC, the last counter-revolutionary criminal of the 89th National Games, Miao Deshun, will be released in October this year.


In the past 27 years, it seems to me that in the view of the families of the victims of the 8964, China does not have any so-called “progress” at all, but it is a step backwards. If we 64 crackdown, we will propose: defeat the Communist Party! Abolish the one-party dictatorship! Overthrow the tyranny! So what is the current situation? I think it is definitely another situation. At least we have a certain space and a clear understanding. At least the people will wake up faster and take the initiative to fight. The truth of the June 4th will not be interrupted. Therefore, the June 4th can only be liquidated, not rehabilitated.


Third, let go of fantasy, based on folk


Why don’t you dare to express it directly: To overthrow the fascist tyranny? I have thought about going for more than 20 years. It is confirmed that in the face of the CCP’s tyranny, the strategic thinking of the pro-democracy movement has been greatly misleading. The strategic thinking has misled us for 27 years, so that our thinking is solidified and there is no achievement. What is the cause of this misinformation? I believe that the older generation of democracy activists have always had illusions about the improvement of the CCP itself. This is the result of long-term education of lies and deception education. It is caused by the unclear understanding of the evil nature of the Communist Party. The psychology of the living began to prevail in the anti-rightist in 1957, and the self-cultivation of the Cultural Revolution was completely ruined. Feng Gu, can’t hear the truth of the literati; fear of fear is driven by the violent psychology, and produces a mentality that expects Ming Jun to appear, and expects to see other people with conscience such as Zhao Ziyang and Hu Yaobang. Facts have proved that this system can no longer produce Zhao Ziyang and Hu Yaobang. They are just the odds of that era.


Some people say that the rise of the awareness of rights protection is the result of the struggle since 1989 and is a major achievement. To be honest, the awareness of rights protection has increased, the number of awakenings has increased, and refugees and victims across the country have been connected through Internet information. Although China has been killing people and eating people, it has even worsened since the beginning of 89. The police have maintained stability, forced demolitions, forced land acquisition, and the flood of police power has not been effectively stopped. On the contrary, it has become more unscrupulous. Speed ​​up the pace of people’s governance. It’s an example of doing everything. But the bonfire of resistance has also ignited the bottom of China.


The CCP’s current ruling party is the activist who used violence against parents and teachers during the Cultural Revolution 50 years ago, that is, the rebel leader during the Cultural Revolution. The real name of the “Red Second Generation” is the violent applicator and the perpetrator. Therefore, they cannot reflect on the Cultural Revolution. It is impossible to rehabilitate against the Eighth and Nine. They only advocate lies and violence. Therefore, the problem of the Eighth and Nine can only be liquidation, not redress. History proves that the violent stability of the Chinese Communist regime is more stable and unstable. The wave of civil protests and protests has risen one after another. The group events of more than 200,000 a year can explain how the civil anti-riot movements are turbulent. Therefore, fundamentally liquidating Repression, the period will not be too far.

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