Sat. Mar 28th, 2020

US People Support Hong Kong

There was again almost 2 million Hong Kong people went to street yesterday!

After we joined Lenon Wall in Pike Place Market on Friday, 8/16/2019, on Saturday we had a Seattle Support Hong Kong event at westlake Park.
On August 18th we joined Portland support Hong Kong event, and the Global Support Hong Kong Alliance Portland Branch was established!

Mr. Hai Wang, Mr. Yunfei Lin, Ms. Tsreyn, Mr. Tenzen and Mr. Jack Mayhew are our Global Support Hong Kong Alliance Portland funders, there was a Hong Kong lady is also the funder on 8/18/2019 in Portland, but doesn’t have local phone numbers yet.






Pls ck our web:

We shall NOT let Hong Kong down!

Global Support Hong Kong Alliance Seattle Branch preparation team

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance

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