CDHRA Greetings to the World on the Ox Day 2021

CDHRA to friends around the world – Happy New Year!

The traditional Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching, and the Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA) and Federation for a Democratic China (FDC) would like to extend our New Year greetings to friends all over the world who care about and support China’s democratic and human rights cause! To all the comrades in the mainland, Hong Kong, for a new China’s cause of freedom and democracy. At the same time, we also wish all prisoners of conscience, political prisoners, religious prisoners who have been persecuted and imprisoned by the CCP regime and their family members to extend the blessings of the New Year! We wish you a good health and all the best in the new year and reunite with your loved ones soon!

The CDHRA is willing to make friends with all people with lofty ideals in the world who are committed to opposing the tyranny of the CCP. Let us work together to overthrow the CCP! Let’s wish we can get an early realization of a free, democratic and constitutional new China!

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance (CDHRA)

Ox New Year’s Eve 2021 (Feb. 11)