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Our system of justice relies on the ability to “serve” defendants with a notice that they are being sued, and to give them an opportunity to respond. This is complicated when the defendant is a foreign country. But even though China is aware of our lawsuit, and has already refused service once – under the law, we must still attempt service through diplomatic measures and the U.S. State Department. Unfortunately, we need the Judges in each of our Corona cases to give us the time and leeway to do this. Judge Cannon, who is handling the main Corona case, conducted a status conference on June 3rd that appeared to go favorably. She requested additional information and briefing, and we submitted that briefing on June 11th. Judge Altman, who is the handling the PPE-focused case, requested a specific motion to continue our service efforts, which has also been submitted to the Court. We remain optimistic that each Judge will allow us to continue service through the State Department, so that service can be concluded and the cases may proceed. We believe that the continued attention on the Wuhan Lab is helpful to the case. As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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