Ms. Jane Xiuhong Jin and Mr. Matthew Melton interviewed Mr. Liu Bing

During the Aug 15th, 2021’s Radio Liberty for Human Rights Radio talk show, Ms. Jane Xiuhong Jin and Mr. Matthew Melton interviewed Mr. Liu Bing during the 1st half hour of the program.

The Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance and Federation for a Democratic China (CDHRA) heard that the Chinese democracy and human rights fighter who escaped from Mainland China was rejected for political asylum by the Germany immigration department. Mr. Liu Bing was given the deportation date of Aug 26, 2021.  Mr. Li Jianli, VP Bai Jiemin and President Jane Xiuhong Jin has been working together urgently asking the Germany Prime Minister Angela Marcel and the German Immigration Department to Immediately STOP all the procedures related to Mr. Liu Bing’s deportation and review his case right away.  The letter to Germany posts separately.

On Aug 19, 2021 morning, we gladly to hear from Liu Bing, he thanked our help, and he notified us that he was released from Jail!

We would like to thank Mr. Liu Bing’s lawyer, and the legal team as well as many individuals’ help including but not limited to China Aid President, Pastor Bob Fu, Mr. Li Jianli, and CDHRA Vice President Mr. Bai Jiemin, Federation for a Democratic China VP Ms. Sheng Xue and Mr. Qian in Germany and many people who we don’t know the name.

In the last program we also mentioned and interviewed CDHRA and FDC USA VP Mr. Bai Jiemin, and thank his team support Cuban people to urge President Biden administration to provide free, unfiltered Internet to Cuban people, to help take down the Communist Party regime in Cuba.  Mr. Bai’s team have been to call for release Mr. Liu Bing in Germany and Mr. Wang Jingyu and his fiancée Ms. Wu Huan in their Holland Jails during their activities at Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Niagara Falls tourist area.

We want people to pay attention to the CCP infiltration. Why these real long term Chinese human rights and freedom activists were arrested, and the arrests were while they were trying to host the 32nd Anniversary of Tiananmen Massacre event?  And, their against the CCP activities are true and can be treated, but why their political asylums were rejected?

Radio Liberty for Human Rights interviewed Mr. Haibin Liang after we found out he was locked up by Australian Immigration Dep.  Ms. Jane Jin contact with Mr. Liang many times while he is in the detention area. The lawyer of Mr. Haibin Liang used our telephone interview to appeal for Mr. Liang’s case.

During the 2nd half hour of the radio program, Ms. Wang Jing from Seattle talked about Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance and our American friends in Down Town Seattle Westlake Center Park that had a Protest Against the Cuban Communist Party dictatorship and urged President Biden’s Administration to take immediate action to include free, non-censored Internet access to the Cuban people in the budget plan.

All Communist or Socialist regimes are the same and push their ONE PARTY CONTROLLED DICTATORSHIP, cover up the truth and lie to and brainwash people; in the same time fully control freedom of speech and publication in the media.  We believe after the internet firewall is removed, the Cuban people will be free, and we can’t wait for that happen.

The program also talked about Biden’s Afghanistan disastrous situation. Taking the military out of Afghanistan has been planned for a long time, but it should have been better prepared. We believe more time is needed to safely evacuate all Americans and US allies and we believe the Afghanistan people can take care of themselves for their own country.

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The following is our Aug 15th 2021 Radio Liberty for Human Rights Program recording. Thank you for listening!

The following is our Aug 15th 2021 Radio Liberty for Human Rights Program recording. Thank you for listening!