Dear friends,
Thank you for coming to our, Seattle Protest against, “The Root of Evil – Chinese Communist Party,” (CCP) event in Hing Hay Park!

Those loyal to the CCP, ignoring the will of the people, sadly represent Hong Kong. The results are police brutality daily for the past several months and abductions much longer, all sanctioned by legislators and the CCP Regime. The Hong Kong Executive, Carrie Lam, ignored the millions of people’s voices. The people demand answers, while she cannot decide or say anything without Beijing’s approval!
The puppet is appointed by Beijing CCP regime control is being refined to benefit only the Party.
Today, we would like to thank today’s speakers:

Amnesty International Mr. Don Crevie;

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights
Alliance Human Rights Lawyer Mr. Zhifeng Lei;

US Congress Candidate Mr. Dave Strider (10th District)

King County Libertarian Party,
Ms. Anna Johnson, Communications Dir

President of Students for a Free Tibet of University of Washington

All speakers spoke of the Chinese Communist Party regime’s brutality against people of Hong Kong, including other areas of mainland Chinas freedom seekers. Overwhelming support of the people of China and the protesters in Hong Kong resonated that an investigation of the brutality committed on the protesters and those on the mainland begin. Collectively as the groups, greatest fear is that the CCP will whitewash the findings and charge the protesters possible treason to the state.

Jane Jin, reported on the Chinese 2019 Delegations trip to Washington DC.
They had successful meetings with US Congress and Senate, Foreign Affair Committee, Human Rights Committee, and ranking member Congressman, Chris Smith.
The delegation also, report included operatives that have been actively working in the United States, damaging our national security with threats on Chinese living abroad as well as US citizens speaking out for the freedom and human rights in China.
Our event requested the public – to report the CCP, an example, have you been approached/threatened, or know of someone fearful for his or her well-being. We also implored the Committees we spoke to only then, will our freedom be truly realized. We presented that the need to shut down Confucius Institute, Tencent, Huawei, major institutions that are foundations for the CCP networks and money laundering. This must end.

During the event the Libertarian Party, team sang a song to support Hong Kong they received a warm welcome. Next time, we will have printed copies of that song to raise our voices even louder.

(All speeches will be published under,, and Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance of sometime soon)
We will keep fighting for Human Rights are trampled by oppressive regimens! We know democracy has cost – it costs money, time, and even lives. It takes commitment and courage. We must keep fighting until we truly get freedom. Please continue to support human rights everywhere, as we condemn the CCP’s Red Media influencing people to believe nothing is wrong with lies they make it the truth, all without a weapon placing the blame squarely on the protesters People shouting –
Free Hong Kong!
Free Tibet!
Free Xinjiang!
Free China!
Down with the Communist Party of China!

Chinese Democracy & Human Rights Alliance
Your generous contribution helps us continue our work.
Democracy and Human Rights Alliance

1989 Tiananmen Democracy Movement heroes
Hong Kong era Revolution heroes
Both Groups received
China Outstanding Democracy Award!

This 2019 Award was given by
China Democracy Education Foundation



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